• Dry Storage is available as 11.5’x30’x12.5 tall
  • Storage is available for Boat/Vehicle Parking (no elec)
  • On Site Management
  • Keyless Entry


  • Boat Storage
    • No deposits or yearly contract required
    • 3 Months (min): covered - $225 /open - $180
    • 6 Months (plus 1 month free): covered - $450 /open $360
    • Vacation rates (5 nights only) - $24.50
    • Online invoicing at renewal
    • Veteran & over-65 discounts available
  • Advertise
    • one month - $75
    • 3 days - $50


Find us on Google maps:


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Look for us at the entrance to Jenkins Ferry Landing, Lake Hartwell, Martin GA.

New: Outside-storage available.
Need your boat trailer out of the yard?
Outside boat storage lake hartwell
Give us a call at 706-779-6769.

Renting a cabin?
Don't have room to park your boat trailer?
Holiday storage slots for $24.50 - up to five nights.
Give us a call at 706-779-6769.

Here you will find any changes or general information about Dutch Boat Storage, located at the entrance to Jenkins Ferry boat ramp, Lake Hartwell.


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  • Advertise
    • one month - $75
    • 3 days - $50